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Company News About Fenatran Exhibition visit

Fenatran Exhibition visit

Latest company news about Fenatran Exhibition visit

     Fenatran is an international trade fair for transport and logistics and will be held in Sao Paulo. This exhibition is communication and information platform in the industry and offers exhibitors the opportunity to present to an audience of experts here. In this year, 23rd Fenatran is held in São Paulo Expo Sao Paulo on 16 to 20 November 2022

    As a famous supplier, BYF have been working in south America for 15 years,We know many clients each other and provide what they need.

     Due to the corona pandemic (COVID-19), We BYF couldn’t attend this exhibition on time.But Our Representante de vendas Klaus Marvin Coicev have visit this Exhibition as our representative in Brazil.

    Especially our partners in Brazil.We have visit them one by one to learn their developments, trends, products and services they need.

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       As our largest customer, Our first step is in Randon booth, We have 7 new project with them at this time, We talked about the project status and problem with their engineers ,Learn their goals for our project.They also explain what they want,And will use the new products in the America market.

    They show solutions in electrification, smart implements, nanotechnology, and smart composites, among other innovations.

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     We also visit our other customers. Such as Facchini,Ibero,meritor, Slipa,They share me their business plan and recommend us to develop some new parts with them.

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      On this exhibition, We won three new orders, and two new projects,And know each other with our clients.Both we clearly the future development strategy programming.We will agree to still keep the same frequency with our clients, support each other. shared development goal in the future.And believe we will be better in the new year.

     Let’s looking forward to meet in 2024!

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